The Blue Owens Band - Personnel

About The Blue Owens Band
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Blue Owens, Harp

Blue Owens, has been blowing the harmonica since the day he was gifted a harp while hitchhiking across the States as a teen. Prior to landing in the Pacific Northwest, and becoming deeply rooted in the Eugene, Oregon blues scene, Blue Owens spent some years in Austin, Texas hanging out with his friend, the blues great, James Cotton. It was with Cotton that Blue perfected his craft. While in Austin, Blue was quickly invited to join the Rhythm Rats. Blue has also played with Robert Cray, Curtis Salgado, and Elvin Bishop. Blue's style is very distinctive ... a Chicago-style saxophone-like tone.
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Dave Roberts, Drums

Dave Roberts is a solid blues drummer who relocated to Eugene, Oregon in 2015 to help out on the family farm and to immerse himself in the local music scene. Dave's approach to music and life is as carefree as his personality, laid-back, soulful, approachable. "One hell-of-a nice guy", said the Rainy Day Blues Society. Artistically, Dave is a pocket drummer that sets and locks in the groove with a solid backbeat while playing in between the lines with subtle, syncopated beats called ghost-sticking or polyrythms.  His style is fun, tastefully improvisational and crowd pleasing.  Dave comes from a family of 'natural musicians' and began playing drums at age 10. He is comfortable on big and little stages, has toured internationally and has performed before stadium crowds in excess of 50,000 people. His hobbies include warm-water surfing and hiking.
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Michael Morningsun, Bass

Born in Salt Lake City as the middle kid of an 11-kid family, his mom had him in piano lessons at age 5, after 3 years gravitating to alto sax. At 10 he discovered guitars, eventually specializing on bass in 1977, and became active in the Eugene Music scene. In 1979 he formed the band “Liv and Let Live” and played throughout the West Coast for 15 years. In 1996 he went to Amsterdam and toured in the Western Europe music scene until returning in 1998. He moved to Hawaii for 5 years, and upon returning to Eugene, continued making his bamboo flutes for a living. In 2009, he began playing with Blue Owens and T‑Bone Weldon (again!) as the Blue Owens Band.
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James ("Young James") Reese, Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals

Young James is a guitarist and an “Old Time” style fiddle musician born in the Coast Range in Oregon. His father, Jim Mills, was a 12 string guitarist and his mother Charlotte Mills was a singer. Young James draws from his parents musical background. He is a fiddle champion who has been associated with the following acts: The Conjugal Visitors, Alder St., The Greasy Strings, Dirty Rotten Snake in the Grass,The Misery Whips, and T-Bone Weldon and The Prime Cut Band. Not to mention, he kills on rhythm guitar and background vocals.
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Barry Bogart, Alto & Tenor Sax

Barry Bogart started playing alto sax in the fifth grade.  He discovered jazz in high school stage band and lab bands at Lane Community College where he switched to tenor sax.  Barry spent most of the next ten years playing in blues and rock & roll bands.  In the 1980s Barry put his horns away, started a family and built a successful thirty year career in IT.  He never really stopped thinking about music, however, and in 2017 Barry went to the legendary Rooster’s Blues Jam in Eugene for the first time to hear his friend Steve Sher play guitar.  He went home, dusted off his tenor, and within months he was invited to join the Blue Owens Band.